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snails-and-pirates asked: Is it bad that a LOT of terrible base dollers watch mey accounts? O _O

Well, I suppose not. They’re still people.

I think it’s a compliment, since they like your art.

Unless they’re like “troll” accounts - then it’s not as flattering.

-Mod J

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Anonymous asked: I always wondered, is there like religious base art? Like Bible mary sues and JesusxOC?

I might have seen some before, but I don’t really recall.

If anyone finds some, I’d love to see them for a good laugh.

-Mod J

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Anonymous asked: The Creepypasta fandom makes me laugh. All they're trying to do is to be edgy and make OC's that want the d. You guys should definitely reboot fucknocreepypastafandom or whatever it was called

I don’t think that’ll happen, but if I find those ocs on bases, they can just come right here.

I honestly don’t really like Creepypasta enough to run that blog anymore.

-Mod J

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