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Anonymous asked: One of my fave base makers Mature-Bases is going to stop making bases because people didnt credit her bases! D: Im so disappointed... I hate this about the whole base using area... They are making base makers stop because they dont follow their rules :c Im sorry i guess i just needed to vent somewhere...

Oh, that’s too bad. I didn’t know about that.

She was one of my favourites too.

I see where she’s coming from though, I’ve wanted to stop making bases too because I’m sick of people not crediting, losing their shit when asked to follow simple rules, and also, of course, the loads and loads of shit edits.

-Mod J

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I literally couldn’t even pick just one of these.

They were literally too lazy to redo Jeff’s skin in the right colour.

-Mod J

Filed under jeff the killer creepypasta mary sue balding no shading black outline overly thick lines pallette colours nekkid p0rnz sexiii i don't think you tried at all blood anime desu kawaii hair doesn't work like that clothes don't work like t hat ooc fandom fanart eyes bleeding facepalm can you not ew epic background dat blush you missed a spot a lot of spots shaky outline

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theflutteryay asked: I wanna re-draw like half the pictures on you blog and I cannot figure out why. Halp!

By all means, feel free.

-Mod J

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